Bank Payment Voucher

As per accountancy norms, in Bank Payment Voucher. The Bank Account must be credited and the account selected by the user is debited. The user selects the required Bank from the pop-up Bank menu and selects the required account name from the list.

Date Enter the voucher Date. This date must be within the scope of the accountancy period defined .You can change this date any time during the year.


Select the required bank from the menu.


This button adds the new bank payment voucher to the database. A user may enter as many accounts heads as required. After completing the voucher entry, clicking the press OK button for changes to be reflected in the d


This button modifies the current voucher Make the neccessary changes and press the OK button for changes to be reflected in the database also.


Delete current voucher from the database. Make be certain you want to delete a voucher before pressing the button.clicking on the delete button, press the OK button to physically remove the voucher from the database.

If you want to delete any specific voucher after sometime,you have to select the voucher by double-clicking in bank payment books, which takes the user to the voucher entry screen, in delete mode. In delete mode, press Ok button to physically remove from the database.

New Ledger This button takes you in Chart Of Accounts option, where you can create new ledgers or groups as required.
Print This button prints the current voucher as given in the picture below: